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Life on the run from madman Martin Reimer gets in the way of everything.

For fourteen-year-old Phillip, it has meant having to stay hidden, unable to use his gift of moving through maps to search for his missing father. But the arrival of a stranger named Delroy brings unexpected opportunity, for Delroy is a man with the ability to travel worlds hidden within our own and he was sent by Phillip’s father. Now Phillip will do everything he can to find his dad, even if it means tricking Delroy into helping him or a quest through those hidden worlds.

Even if leaving home means Martin can now find him…

Follow in the adventures of Phillip Stone and Natalie Bristol from the award-winning book The Magician’s Doll!

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After reading The Magician’s Doll a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review The Worlds Traveler, the follow up to one of the most imaginative books I had read in quite a while. Also, these two stories weren’t connected in a typical way, but I really enjoyed all of the connections within the series (so far… I hope there will be more books).

The Worlds Traveler follows Phillip as he searches for his dad. Meanwhile he is also trying to get Delroy’s help, though of course things never quite go according to plan. I enjoyed the writing and characters above all else, and feel this will be a great fit for middle grade readers who will have no problem falling into Phillip and Natalie’s world. Also, I loved how easily I can see both male and female readers falling in love with this world and its characters.

I did find Phillip somewhat obnoxious at points, but his character growth has made for a really engaging read so far. It also took me a while to really feel like I had wrapped my head around what was going on. The first couple of chapters were hard to follow at points, and there are a lot of characters to keep track of, but this book will quickly hook young readers and keep them turning pages.

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